Talent Attraction

We will understand the profile of the talent you are looking for, from operational opportunity to mid-level management.


From there, we search for, within a group of pre-selected professionals here and also from other sources, the best candidates to join your in-person, remote or hybrid team.


After this initial identification, we interviewed all of them to understand the current situation: what they are looking for, where they are, what their eyes shine with and, if it makes sense, we offer each of them the opportunity, presenting between 3 and 5 candidates (short list) for you and your team.


Executive Search companies

We will understand the profile of the leader your organization needs, from senior management to C-level and board members.


We act in an agile, consultative and effective way in attracting and selecting leaders, who present the track record, hard & soft skills and cultural alignment appropriate to the challenges and opportunities of your organization.


Executives undergo interviews with Good Bridge partners, assessments and a detailed survey of references at different levels.


Why count on our help?

In addition to knowledge in Human Capital, we have experience as managers in several areas, with emphasis on Agile Project Management. We know which tools to use and also the “buttons” to be pressed, which enables great results for recruiters and candidates.

We have a group of more than 2,000 pre-qualified talents, which greatly favors and speeds up the recruitment and selection process for your project.





We Value our Talents

Dedicated Service

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